Management Team


Mark Goldfarb is the Managing Director/CEO of the Habira Group, founded in 2010. He will serve as the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of the REIT Corporation and Management Company. Mark has over 25 years of business management experience both in the United States and in Israel. From 1984 until 2009, he was the CEO of a technology consulting firm based in NY. Mark has lived in Jerusalem since 1997 with his family.


Mark has been involved with property management in Jerusalem and supervising renovation projects. He has been involved in all aspects of project management, including idea conception through financing, design, government approvals and actual implementation. Since mid-2011 Mark has worked on initiatives to develop profitable affordable housing solutions in Jerusalem. Through his extensive volunteer work on the board of a Jerusalem public school, Mark has become closely familiar with the inner workings of the city. He is comfortable and familiar with the real estate and business climate of the city.


Mark Reichenberg is the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of the REIT Corporation and the Management Company. Mark graduated with his Bachelor of Accounting Degree in 1989 at the University of the Witwatersrand and wrote and passed the Qualifying Board Exam to qualify as a Chartered Accountant later that same year. He is a highly experienced financial and management executive having held senior financial and executive management positions, as well as being responsible for and bringing to fruition the IPO of a company on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Mark and his family moved to Israel in 2009 where he joined a long established manufacturing and export company as CFO. Mark and his family reside in Kfar Saba

Mark Eichler

Mark Eichler is the General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer for the REIT Corporation and Management Company. Mark is a highly experienced U.S. attorney specializing in United States federal income taxation. He has over 17 years of experience dealing with a wide variety of matters, including extensive work with U.S. REITs. Mark has a law degree from Brooklyn Law School and a BS in accounting from Brooklyn College, CUNY. Mark and his family moved to Israel in 2008 and live in Bet Shemesh.

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