Real Estate Advisory Board

Ezriel Levi

Ezriel Levi is a lawyer, economic consultant and entrepreneur based in Jerusalem, Israel. He has studied law and economics both in Israel and England. He received his LL.M in international business law from King’s College.


Mr. Levi is currently the Founder and CEO of a boutique consulting firm that advises clients on the legal and economic aspects of real estate transactions and investment opportunities. From 2002 through 2007, Ezriel was the CEO of the Jerusalem Development Authority (“JDA”). The JDA is a government agency tasked with developing the city of Jerusalem. At the JDA, Ezriel was responsible for managing more than 100 different projects, including zoning new neighborhoods, developing necessary infrastructure and redeveloping city centers and older neighborhoods.


Prior to working at the JDA, Mr. Levi was the managing partner of a law firm, specializing in real estate and construction. The firm handled projects from conception, through zoning, construction and marketing. In the early 1990s, Mr. Levi served as the senior executive assistant to the director general of the Israel Lands Authority, responsible for coordinating the activities of different management divisions within the administration. He also held overall responsibility for the activities of the Israel Lands Council and served as a member of the Authority’s Board of Directors, as well as on a number of committees.


Ezriel is currently a reservist in the Israel Defense Force with a rank of Major. Ezriel lives with his family in Jerusalem.

Matti Munk

Matti Munk is one of the premier international bankers in Israel.


Matti made Aliyah from London, England and has a B.A in Economics from Bar-Ilan University and an M.B.A in Finance from the University of Liverpool.


Matti began his career in 1997 as an Account Manager at United Mizrahi Bank and is currently Head of International Department at Mercantile Discount Bank. He is a recognized expert on Israeli real estate matters with a specialization in real estate finance and mortgages. Matti also serves on the board of various not-for-profit organizations advising them on management, finance and donor relation issues.


Matti lives in Jerusalem with his wife and 4 children.

Jack Shebson

Jack Shebson is an attorney with many years’ experience in commercial investment property in Europe and Israel, both as a banker and an investor.


Jack made Aliya from England.  Early in his career he was the in-house lawyer to the property division of an investment bank in The City of London, investing in the UK and Europe.  This was followed by senior posts at the International Division of the United Mizrachi Bank and Bank Leumi UK.  Beginning in the late 1980s, Jack was appointed the General Manager of First International Bank of Israel (UK). Since the early 1990s, Jack has served as the Chairman and Managing Director of Eurotrade, Property & Finance Limited of London.


Jack lives with his family in the community of Efrat, Israel.

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